Machine Gun Kelly Says He Was Electrocuted During Super Bowl Party Concert

Machine Gun Kelly had a hair-raising experience while performing at a Super Bowl party.

The Grammy-nominated singer took the stage during the Coors Light Bird’s Nest Festival in Scottsdale, Ariz. on Friday when he claims he got electrocuted. In an Instagram Story, he shared a video of himself performing with his blond hair sticking all the way up.

“YOOO 🤯 I GOT ELECTRICUTED (sic) AND MY HAIR STOOD UP ⚡️🤣⚡️,” he captioned the clip of him onstage.

In video footage obtained by TMZ, Kelly can be seen performing when his hair goes from flat to suddenly standing straight up. It’s unclear if he was actually electrocuted or if it was just a static buildup, but he continued on with his two-hour performance and didn’t receive any medical treatment. 

Just days earlier, MGK attended the Grammys where he was nominated for Best Rock Album, but ended up losing to Ozzy Osbourne. However, he took the loss with grace.

“Ultimately, I’m really happy to be in the company of such great musicians,” he told E! News on the red carpet. “I didn’t take the category home, and I almost feel like I asked for that lesson. Like, I felt like I lacked self-love, and I was valuing myself so much on career accomplishments that I needed this. … I need to appreciate what I already have, and once that self-love happens for me, things like the awards and all that will come.”

MGK has been back in the studio working on his next album, which may mark a return to his rap roots.

“I’m going to make a rap album for myself,” he told Audacy Check In last year. “For no other reason, no point to prove, no chip on my shoulder.”


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